June 22, 2012 – September 22, 2012

Galerija Gregor Podnar was pleased to host Vadim Fiškin’s second solo exhibition in Berlin.

The work of Vadim Fiškin communicates the relations between science, personal experience, desire and imagination, metaphysics and pragmatism, and artificial and real. Fiškin’s main area of investigation is science. Focusing on its study methods and use of technological advances within a merely poetic approach.

Many of his installations, sculptures, photographs, and drawings that are dealing with geography, time, light, aeronautics, and meteorological phenomena, are informed by Fiškin’s particular sense of humor.

Light Matters 2 presents two larger works of Vadim Fiškin together with a selection of recent and older small works: The light installation miss Christmas (2012) depicts the shadow of a palm-tree growing out of a bucket on the gallery-floor, giving a sunny-beach feeling inside the homey walls. Don Quixote Pact (2010/2012) consists of a wind turbine generator and five electric fans opposite it on a small artificial hill. The wind turbine generator is running by electric fans, which are seemingly running by power energized by the generator, therefore following the logic of a self-sustained system.