Miha Knific | Kranj 2004



June 3, 2004 – June 19, 2004

Galerija Gregor Podnar and DUM Association are pleased to announce the premiere screening of the short film Horizon by Miha Knific, born in 1976 in Kranj, realized in co-production with Strup d.o.o. and Pristop Communications especially for the >2< exhibition. We are also presenting a selection of recent photographic works and drawings by the Ljubljana based artist.

Combining media images, found footage, pictures from family albums and fictional narratives written by the artist himself, Miha Knific deals with the visual and textual material by concept similar to the relation between the scenario and the storyboard in film. The fictional stories together with the images suggest certain narratives but stay open to new possibilities, configurations and rewritings. Their potential is to grow and change connected to the relationship between the viewer and contemporary mass media-driven visual culture, to which they inevitably refer. Bringing the viewer to some uncertainty, Miha Knific’s works provides a sense of questioning of the nature and ‘realness’ of everyday myths as well as provoking their imagination.

The exhibition was supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Cumulus d.o.o. Kranj.