Marzena Nowak | Berlin 2015


April is the cruellest month
July 11 – September 5, 2015
Opening: Friday, July 10, 6 – 9 pm

Marzena Nowak (born 1977, Piaseczno/Poland) works through a range of different media in her artistic practice. For her solo exhibition, April is the cruellest month, Nowak presents the viewer with delicately balanced assemblages of personal, and sparingly intimate poetics. Although there is a distinguishing lyrical tone to Nowak’s work, due to the artist’s tireless exploration of materials, the artworks also speak to the simplicity of the mundane. Not so much in the sense of the artwork being present in space, but rather ‘presence’ to time. The viewer can almost detect Nowak’s process of making; a process sometimes blending subtle references from the past and transposing them upon the present.

Nowak’s recent artworks continue to challenge various senses simultaneously, continuously probing the potential of the viewer’s reflection, while expressing the very intimate world of the artist and her feelings. Thoughts are imprinted within Nowak’s visceral traces in the form of objects or images; always in the attempt to intermingle material and mental space. Nowak’s exhibition continues to test these thresholds and the parallels between the physical and immaterial. These tensions between two worlds are brought to the fore, through the overcoming of the quotidian recognition of images and objects, that is paramount in Nowak’s practice.

The exhibition is less a conceptual monolith on a specific theme, but a particular space where diverse internal dialogues among individual elements meet.

Kindly supported by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.