17.02.2023 – 25.3.2023

Chiaroscuro is a solo show by Goran Petercol featuring artist’s works mostly from the last two years. It primarily deals with the theme of transformation, or transition from one form to another, an approach that connects a notable group of works within Petercol’s extensive range.

Since the 1970s, Goran Petercol has been exhibiting works concentrating upon processualism, scopes, stylisation and subversion of the purity of conceptual structures. Exploring our perception of space and its hidden potentials, in his light installations and sculptures he experiments with the symmetrical structures, transitions and intermediary spaces presented in the form of an object.

Petercol’s artistic practice frequently examines the act of creation itself formulating a visual language where light and shadow are as important as the found objects often featured in his work. The artist observes what usually remains unnoticed, exploring and illuminating the threshold between the tangible and the intangible. What started in 1981 with the series called “Stylizations”, he carries further in the new group of works “Completed be the First One”.

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