Goran Petercol | Ljubljana 2007



April 6, 2007 – June 15, 2007

Galerija Gregor Podnar/DUM Association is pleased to announce the opening of After Reflections, a solo exhibition by the artist Goran Petercol.

After Reflections presents new work by Goran Petercol that relates to older works entitled Reflections produced in 2005.

In the series After Reflections, Petercol explores the connection between two kinds of information: that which we carry as knowledge in our consciousness, and that which we acquire through observation. Through his work he emphasizes that no work of art begins at point zero but is rather the continuation of a certain historical position in which the artist encounters new spaces, formats, and materials, with each element marked by its own characteristics and experience. Ivana Sajko speaks of the relationship between immediate reception and the foreknowledge of what is perceived, and it is this that forms the theme of Petercol’s works, whether drawings, installations, or projects involving architecture.

The art of Goran Petercol, who lives and works in Zagreb, is founded on the precise observation and positioning of the transcendental object within processes derived from the conceptual art practices and analytic painting of the 70s, as well as on the recontextualization of the interaction between the viewer and artworks relating to the Minimalist approach. From an art-historical perspective, his work bears a formal and thematic affinity with that of the Croatian-French artist Julije Knifer.

Petercol has taken part in a number of major international exhibitions, including the 22nd São Paulo Biennial (1994), the 4th Istanbul Biennial (2004), and the 46th Venice Biennial (1995).

The project is financially supported by the Department of Culture of the City of Ljubljana.