Christine Rebet | Kranj 2004



June 25, 2004 – July 24, 2004

Galerija Gregor Podnar and DUM Association are pleased to announce the solo exhibition Waitress Announcement of Christine Rebet. We will present a selection of recent drawings and the video work Robin Hood (2004) by the Berlin based artist. At the gallery there will be also her newly released book of drawings available. The book ‘Game Over’ was published by A Huge Book Paris in 2004 with an essay by Jens Hoffmann.

Jen Hoffmann writes: “The drawings of French artist Christine Rebet, made between 1999 and 2003, are similarly as cryptic as dreams, appearing to be a language of their own, full of symbols, metaphors and subconscious references. We realize at once that we need a specific method in order to read these drawings, such as those depicting scenes ambiguously entitled Soul Hunter, or Split Mind, amongst many others … In Rebet’s drawings, with the truthful openness of dreams, we encounter a taste for the eerie and the mysterious, for uncovered virtue and our own emotional depths. We see an idealistic vision of life on a level not pretend and unreal but internal and authentic. Life, like dreams, is torn by our minds most secret motions, forming us by the simplest and barest means.”

Christine Rebet on her work: “The drawings foreground fragmented and dislocated landscapes depriving individuals from any spatial continuity. To overcome such loss, individuals thus negotiate an immediate cognitive path with the objects that inhabit their space. They echo their disposition, tamed their unfamiliar shape, and vowed to their unknown provenance a mystical dependence.
The subject/ object interactions and actions are presented almost as plots or directions captured in the gaze of a phantasmatic mirror. Almost as actors caught in the blinding field of the visible, the characters stage the fissured version of their reflected image in the performance of contradictory textual slippage.”

The exhibition has been made possible in collaboration with Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Galerija Škuc in Ljubljana and the French Institute Charles Nodier in Ljubljana.