Antic Measures | Berlin 2011



November 19, 2011 – January 21, 2012

Antic Measures is a group exhibition that features an unlikely cast of characters from Europe,
North America, and Australia. Curated by Chris Sharp.

Brought together by virtue of a kindred interest in and valorization of unusual materials, shifts in
scale, the urban and a generally playful mood, the works in this exhibition vividly meet in a strange
and intuitive space. Melbourne-based artist Lou Hubbard’s video Hack (2006), in which the artist
indulges in the antics befitting the acute boredom of a rainy day, sees her playfully dragging a
small rubber horse through a make-shift obstacle course. London-based artist Ian Kiaer’s
monumental proposition, Endnote pink (inflatable) 2010, composed of an enormous polythene
cushicle partially inflated by a fan, uncomfortably hunches over in the space, clearly too large for it.

German, New York-based Esther Kläs’s triptych of monotype prints, 3 Solitäre (2011), come off as a mash up of extravagant doodles, wonky solitaire card patterns as well as a ‘To Do’ lists.

Meanwhile the Hamburg-based photographer Jochen Lempert’s ten part grid of photos, Stadtstrukuren (2004) depicts pigeons strolling in pairs through largely vacant urban landscapes, as if aping the companionship of which we human beings so often dream. Berlin-based artist Manfred Pernice’s droll sculpture Aufbau (2010) is a totemic amalgamation of modular boxes, at once reminiscent of urban structures and domestic storage devices. Finally, the New York-based sculptor B. Wurtz, who akin to Hubbard, is exhibiting for the first time in Berlin, will show a small selection of his sculptures. Composed of variously poor and essential elements, from plastic bags to gym socks, his seemingly whimsical, yet highly meditative works are as discreetly antic as all the works in the exhibition are full of personality.